It’s bbbbbbbasketball season, whoohoo! Jr. High season runs Jan/Feb and Elementary is Feb only. We will be bringing up grade 6 girls for Jr. high and grade fours will get an opportunity to play elementary with the 5/6 class. Students will practice during lunch hours and PE classes. Jr. High may have some afterschool practices. Coaches will be Mr. Dallas Wyman and Mrs. Lorna Hiemstra.

See Specific Team for Schedule

Basketball - Jr High

Jan. 10 Home vs Swan Hills 1:30

Jan. 18 Home vs Rochester 4:30

Jan. 23 Away vs RF Staples 2:30

Jan. 27 Tournament in Barrhead

Feb. 5 Home vs RF Staples 4:30

Feb TBA Away vs Barrhead 2:30

Feb. 20 Home vs Neerlandia 3:30

Feb. 27 Final Tournament at Westlock Spirit Centre (all day)

Basketball - Elementary

Feb. 6 Away vs Swan Hills 12:00

Feb. 15 Away vs Dunstable 12:00

Feb. 21 Home vs Swan Hills 1:00

March 1 Final Tournament at Westlock Spirit Ctr.

Volleyball - Jr High

Thanks Mrs. Hiemstra and Mr. Wyman for coaching

Volleyball - Elementary

Thanks Mr. Wyman, Mrs. Breitkreitz and Mrs Baker for coaching

Cross Country

Thanks Mrs Kiselyk for coaching

Track and Field

Schedule TBA


Schedule TBA