Students Union

Hot Lunch

2018-2019 Hot Lunch Menu

  • Hot Dogs – Ocotber
  • Hambergers – October
  • Taco in a Bag – November 16
  • Christmas Dinner – December 18
Dress Up Days

2018-2019 Dress Up Day

  • Novemebr 16 – 80’s Day
Bear House Activites
Magazine Campaign



Thank You Students and Parents!  Our Annual QSP Magazine

Fundraiser was another huge success, with sales of over $3500.


Remember, now that our main campaign is over, you can still support our school all year long, by purchasing all your NEW, RENEWAL and GIFT subscriptions online at


Each subscription that you purchase continues to bring profit to our school.  So if you have any additional magazines expiring soon, or just forgot to order during our main campaign, you may still do so!  You can also send emails to your friends, colleagues and family members across Canada, or put a link on your Facebook page, inviting them to shop online and support our school.


Simply go to, click JUST SHOPPING, and use Our Group # 3693116.


Remember: Due to the length of the fundraiser, publisher’s schedules, and magazine frequency, your magazines may take 12 to 16 weeks to arrive as stated on the back of your pink receipt copy.

If you have any questions regarding your magazine subscriptions, please call

QSP Inc. customer service toll free at 1-800-667-2536.

Foster Child

Meet Kurt Julio our 2018-2019 Foster Child from Philippines.

Kurt is a health 2 year old with no serious health issues. The family uses a pit latrine which is considered an improved toilet facility.

Communities in the area where Kurt lives benefited from the following projects this past year:

  • Organisation and suppurt for health campaigns
  • Provision of school supplies for children
  • Vocational training for children who have discontinued their education
  • Disaster preparedness activities
  • Entrepreneurship

Please check back for updates through out the year, we’ll update as soon as we receive new/more information.